Welcome to my blog.

My name is Florian Thalhofer and I am an observer. Depending on the context I am also described as media artist, documentary film maker, inventor of a software or picture editor in a news-room.  This blog started years ago as the place where I collect all the little things that turned into texts and did not fit one of the many other projects I am working on.

And more and more it became something on its own. I realized that there is a general topic that I write about: The Korsakow-Way-Of-Thinking.

Korsakow is a software, that I invented almost two decades ago. A software that changed the way I view the world. This gave me a pretty unique perspective, that I enjoy a lot. Maybe it is of use for others as well.

I strongly believe that  the Korsakow-Way-Of-Thinking is a useful tool to improve ones well being, and a great way to get a better understanding for the complexity of the world. If you find things described here useful, please share them.  If you have a comment, please contact me.

Many of the texts here are in German, you can find the English texts here.

Thank you for your interest,
Florian Thalhofer

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