LATK#2 – Stories Make Life (ENG)

Stories Make Life

This episode is in English.

Episode II is about story telling. How stories shape out lifes, what Florian found in Egypt and the influence of the Hollywood format.

Music by Jim Avignon / Neoangin and Ilja Pollach, Cologne.



Korsakow and all – Interview in Portugal

Entrevista a Florian Thalhofer

Florian Thalhofer is a Berlin-based Artist. He is a documentary filmmaker and the inventor of Korsakow, a software to create a new kind of film and a principle to create a new kind of story. Thalhofer is currently working on a new Korsakow-project (film, show and installation).

Interview by Manuel José Damásio @ Universidade Lusófona.
Recorded Dec 4, 2014

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