Welcome to my blog.

People often think that I mean what I say. Really what I mean is, that what I say could be important in chorus with all the other things said.

My name is Florian Thalhofer and I am an observer. Depending on context I am media artist, documentary film maker, inventor of a software, more-than-20-year-experienced picture editor in the newsrooms of DW or more recently researcher at HSLU and practice based PhD candidate at UWE.  This blog started many years ago as the place where I collect all the little things that turned into texts and did not fit one of the many other projects I was busy with.

And more and more it became something on its own. I discovered that writing helpes me to realize that how I look at things is very much influenced by the Korsakow-Way-Of-Thinking and I am watching with wonder as this way of thinking is constantly evolving while I gain new knowledge and understanding.

Korsakow is the name of the software, I invented two decades ago. A software tool that, I feel, deeply affects the way I think the world. This guides me to insights and perspectives that I enjoy a lot and what I increasingly consciously try to reflect in this blog. Maybe it feels to you, like you like these reflections, then maybe they can be useful as fertilizer to grow your own thoughts on them. If you do so and it feels right, you might want to consider to reflect them back. Don’t be shy!

I strongly believe that  the Korsakow-Way-Of-Thinking is a useful tool to improve well being, and to get a different level of understanding of – and tolerance for – the complexity of the world. If you find things described here useful, you might want to share them and if you feel like it, please feel free to leave a comment under a post or contact me directly. Critical and constructive feedback of any form is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for very much for your energy,
Florian Thalhofer

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