A little text that might change your life

It’s up to you, you have two ways to deal with this text. Either you embrace it, focus on it, explore it and not just today, you make it a habit to reflect on this text. Then this text will change your life.

Or, you put it aside, forget it. Then your life will go on in the usual way.

When you explore this text, it becomes a door, a door into another reality. But this text is not the only door to this other reality.

There are many doors, perhaps an infinite number of doors, and yet most people spend their lives finding none. Anything can be a door. Just like this text, if one focuses one’s attention on it, makes it a habit, does not forget it and concentrates on it again and again. Many things can be a door. But it is not the door, it is going through the door that brings one into this other reality.