Life according to Korsakow is an experiment

Life, according to Korsakow (#LATK) is a series of experiments. These experiments involve using my camera, my mind, and platforms like YouTube. Through the lens of my camera, I observe my mind by recording my thoughts as I express them. I then engage in thorough video editing to distill the core essence of my observations – to better understand what I think and feel.

This practice of radical video editing emerged from my extensive work as a media-artist, documentary maker and curious observer, where I conducted and recorded hundreds of hours of interviews. Unlike the conventional approach of shaping interviews into stories, my interest was in understanding what people think and feel and especially when thinking and feeling contradicts each other.

Drawing from my experience of closely observing global politics during two decades that I spent in the newsroom of an international news broadcaster, I’ve learned over the years that when thinking and feeling diverge, it often serves as a pointer towards the future. This principle seems to apply to nations and societies, but does it also apply to individuals?

Can I employ my camera, my mind, and social media to better understand what i think and feel?