The image shows a person lying in bed holding a smartphone. Above them is a mirror mounted on the ceiling, inverting the view, so the room above the bed is visible in the reflection. The room contains various items such as a desk with a computer and chair, a microphone stand, a music stand, and other objects that may suggest musical or creative activity. It appears the person in bed is taking a selfie, with the photo captured via the mirror.

You can also recognise an object that probably looks like a bathroom scale, or is it simply a metal box with a rubber coating?

No, the thing, which also looks like an electric foot warmer from the DIY store, is actually a kind of spaceship that houses the secret centre of the world. All the strings are pulled from there. I have nothing to do with it, I just happen to be in the picture.

The last answer is humorous because it provides an absurd and imaginative interpretation of an everyday object. Instead of giving a simple explanation of what the object could be (like a bathroom scale or a box), it is described as a hidden spaceship that serves as a secret control centre for the world. This surprising twist plays on the idea of science fiction and conspiracy theories, making the answer witty and unexpected. The answerer’s self-distancing (“I have nothing to do with it, I just happen to be in the picture”) adds to the humorous effect by taking an innocent position in an obviously contrived and exaggerated situation.

Method: I have taken a photo of myself reflected in the window, uploaded the photo to ChatGTP and asked what can be recognized on it. I receive a text in which the image is reflected in language and upload both the image (the photo of the reflection of me) and the text (the reflection of the image) to Facebook and receive a view from the outside in the form of a comment in text form. I reflect (distort) this in the form of a comment, which I in turn have reflected by ChatGTP.

So the above text is a collaboration between me, ChatGTP (4) and another human brain. Linked in a korsakowian way within a complex network of computers and humans. The example above is just a very, very simple example of a process that takes place everywhere. I don’t know if anyone is interested in this, but I think it’s absolute madness.