The calming effect of wild boar in road traffic

I used to often get upset when I was in traffic. Well, often? Actually always. If, for example, such an arsehole took my right of way or just stood stupidly in my way because he dozed off when the traffic light turned green. The world is full of such idiots!

But because it is unhealthy to constantly get upset – it is not good for the heart, for the blood sugar level, for the blood pressure – I wanted to come up with something.

When one of those wild boars got in my way again, it suddenly became clear to me: cars are wild boars. And it is the job of a wild boar to behave like a wild boar. With a wild boar in the forest, you wouldn’t take it personally when it jumps in your way. Wild boars exist to behave like wild boars.

When I take my motorbike through town today, I don’t have to worry about idiots all the time, instead I’m prepared for wild boars that can come from unexpected directions at any time. I take it sportive and it is like a game to sidestep the boars from the beginning.

And if I can’t avoid them, then I brake. And if a wild boar nodded off at the traffic light in front of me, I wait patiently until it wakes up on its own. That usually doesn’t take long. I don’t get upset anymore. To get furiated about it – pure waste of energy. Those are wild pigs!

I like wild boars.

With time I have become even better. I have learned to judge wild boars as they are not all the same. Some are friendly, others aggressive, some are sleepy or playful. All this can be read quite well on their faces. When a wild sow like that comes along, the lights are grimly pulled together into flashing slits, or whether a nice piggy with round eyes looks dreamily into the world, you can quite well guess from the distance how it behaves.

The animal is created when man and car come together and become one. Most people are completely harmless when you meet them in the wild. Even more harmless are cars that sleep on the roadside without a human being inside them. Only in combination can they become dangerous under certain circumstances.

I keep my distance from aggressive wild pigs. But also with all others it can happen that suddenly some nonsense occurs to them. When it happens, I don’t get upset anymore. I don’t take it personally. The car+human-animal is just what it is: a wild boar!