Humans are strange animals

We monkeys are busy all the time pulling the money out of the other monkeys’ pockets. The money, we monkeys came up with – the money that does not exist in nature.

The pockets from which we pull the money from the other monkeys we have also invented. Other animal should try to do that. We monkeys, we are always thinking something up.

We monkeys constantly invent new realities and immediately try to use them to our advantage. Looking at us, all other animals look stupid.

And if they look stupid for too long, and we don’t like it anymore, we eat them up. We monkeys normally don’t eat each other. That happens rather rarely. Mutually we only cheat each other. But this all the time. And the one who cheats best wins.

This is so much in our DNA that brothers cheat on brothers, parents cheat on their children, the state cheats on the family and the family cheats on the state.

Each monkey cheats on the other, but we do not eat ourselves up. This is what the monkeys call civilization. And we monkeys are proud of our civilization.