Korsakow way of thinking

I am convinced, that we have something here, that has the potential to solve a very concrete problem. The problem is, that linear narratives give a very distorted image of reality. The reason for this is that linear narratives are very bad when it comes to communicate grey tones. Hyper linear and linear storytelling (whether interactive or not) loves extremes. Telling things in black and white makes better stories, but does not portrait the world (and its problems) accurately.

There are so very many examples. A friend just sent me two links, one to an excellent interview with a very recognized German journalist who talks about the Ukrainian conflict and his frustration with the inability of journalists to take a sober standpoint, the other link to a trailer of a new Adam Curtis project, where he complains about the dump simplifications of the complexity of the world that lets us see enemies everywhere. The problem of telling things in black and white is that you end up with half the world being your enemy. Telling things in black and white is a necessity of linear storytelling. Korsakow does not like black and white, in fact it has a tendency to find the grey tones. Seeing the grey tones is so damn important. The sustainable solutions for the problems we face are all in the grey zone. Extreme solutions just create more extreme situations.

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