Mirror of thinking

Humans are in the process of developing artificial intelligence. And to understand how thinking works, they take the most intelligent being they can think of and analyze how it thinks. So they put people into brain scanners and do all possible tests and examinations with them. And the result is always the same: People are insanely bad at thinking. Not only do they make many mistakes, they also believe all sorts of nonsense they have come up for themselves.

It may not be a good idea to create intelligence according to the model of humans – and maybe it doesn’t work at all with artificial intelligence.

Much more important, however, is that people build themselves a mirror by developing artificial intelligence. A mirror in which people can observe themselves thinking. That is what will change humankind.

Like when someone has a stain on his face. Only by looking into the mirror does he become aware of it. It may be very easy to get rid of the stain. But you first have to see the stain to know how to wipe it off your face.

Excerpt from “Codonaut – Where do we program ourselves?”, a Korsakow film about artificial intelligence. Go to codonaut.de to see the film.