My Favorite Interactive Documentaries Are The Ones I Made Myself – In Search Of The Author

Anna Wiehl invited me to give a talk in the lectures series “Digital documentary practices – Topical paradigm shifts in negotiating ‚the Real‘” at the University of Bayreuth . I am honored and excited and created an almost brand-new talk looking at people thinking and breathing YouTube. How does the way YouTube changes the thinking of people ‚who take YouTube serious‘ compare to how Korsakow changed my thinking? There are many parallels.

Anna Wiehl wrote on Facebook that „Florian Thalhofer is always good for a surprise“. I take it as a compliment.

The lecture was Wed, Dec 8th, 2021, 16:00h, and took place on Zoom. I re-recorded the Talk the next day.

Link to the lecture series: